Don't Drive Askew


Driving in a caddy
So, why not kill some time
Pickup the cell phone
Dial a number
Drive through a red light - That's a crime

Laughing in a volvo
Sail by a tourist walk
Pass through a stop sign
Run down a lady
Next morning remnants - Murder chalk

It drives me out 'my head
But you're oblivious
Now the roads are fraught with danger
Drivers that don't care for strangers

Yes, we claim we're careful
But one thing we omit
Usage goes soaring
Streets you're ignoring
Driver performance - Takes a hit

Yes, we may be privileged
But, we don't have a clue
Turn off the cell phone
Look to your blind spots - Drive safely now

Don't drive askew

 Maintained and copyrighted 1994-2001 by Michael Teger.