An eclectic mix - from technical documentation to song lyrics, web sites and movie reviews.

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Developed the web site, graphics, and some of the content (FAQs, documentation, introductory text).
Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0
Collection of books written for the Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 release.
DocTeger Blog
OpenSSO music blog for technically-sophisticated network administrators, computer programmers, software developers, deployment professionals and end-users.
Sun Java System SAMLv2 Plugin for Federation Services User's Guide
Installation, administration, and user's guide for the SAMLv2 plugin for Sun Java System Access Manager.
Sun Java System Access Manager Federation and SAML Guide
Manual describing the Federation functionality and SAML aspects of Sun Java System Access Manager.
Federation Manager Web-based Training: WMT-AM-3481
Web-based training course developed and recorded for Sun Java System Federation Manager. (You'll have to pay to get the gist.)
When I get the feeling, here is where it goes.
Sun Java System LDAP SDK for C Programming Guide
Manual for developing applications with the Sun Java System LDAP SDK for C.
Sun ONE Identity Server Customization and API Guide
Programmer's guide for customizing Sun ONE Identity Server and developing plug-in applications.
Three Lines
Movie reviews - each written in three grammatially correct sentences.
Don't Drive Askew
Lyrics written for a satirical song on driving while talking on a cell phone.
iPlanet MetaDirectory Configuration and Administration Guide
Configuration and Administration Guide for iPlanet's first-generation MetaDirectory server product.
Sun ONE Directory Server Resource Kit 5.2 Tools Reference
Reference guide for applications and tools included with Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2.
Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1 Deployment Guide
Deployment guide for Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1.
iPlanet MetaDirectory Installation Guide
Installation Guide for iPlanet's first-generation MetaDirectory server product.
Web Authoring Course Overview
Written for, and taught in, my web authoring class.
WuliWeb Online Help
Help center for WuliWeb's web-based application used to manage print content online.
Be Here Online Help
End-user help documentation for BeHere's video production software.
CallTheShots Tutorial and FAQs
Online documentation written for CallTheShots personalization software.
CallTheShots White Paper
White paper written for CallTheShots personalization software.
M. Carey And Sons
A history of the publishing firm written for a trade journal.
The Personals
Satirical lyrics written for the musical comedy revue FUNNY GUY.
Press releases written to promote two of this dance club's special events
Computer Currents
A brief history of the magazine written for a media kit.
The Dashing Michael T
A press release written to introduce my comedy stylings.
Sun Java System Federation Manager
Collection of books written for the Sun Java System Federation Manager product.
Technical Illustrations
These technical illustrations were created for iPlanet MetaDirectory's Deployment Guide.

A plethora of illustration, design and production work.

Action Property Management

A.T. & T.


Calaveras County


Chevron Print

Chevron Web

Computer Currents

Funny Guy

La Dolce Vita




Tuolumne County

How I Designed My Logo Demo
My first attempt at a Flash demo shows how I came up with the A Man And A Mouse logo.
WuliWeb Demo
This Flash demo was created as online commercial for WuliWeb, a web-based content manager that was acquired by AirClic, Inc.
CallTheShots Software Demo
A Flash demo made to extoll the virtues of CTS's personalization software. I pulled a Hitchcock in this one: find Max, my jack russell terrier.

CallTheShots Picnic invitation
A little interactivity added to this Flash invitation to celebrate CTS's one year anniversary. We were acquired by Akamai a month later.

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