Press release sent to newspapers

Once upon a time, Michael Teger was so busy collecting taxes for the government that the only singing he did was in the living room, facing a full-length mirror. He was FABULOUS - but no one knew it! Then last year he decided to move to San Francisco where audiences have finally discovered a whirling dervish of a performer...the dashing Michael T.

With a booming voice and a knack for "tawking funny", Michael T has managed to carve his own niche in the local comedy, cabaret and theatre scene, performing at venues as diverse as Josie's Cabaret and Juice Joint, the Punch Line, Cafe du Nord, the Marsh Theatre, South Beach Theatre and E'Space. He also recently finished an ultra-successful run with the rest of the cast in Vaudeville Victoria at the Victoria Theatre in the Mission District. He has also appeared on public access telelvision's "Boys in the Street" entertainment program.

Singing Broadway and bubblegum, Michael T uses sets, props and comedy to bring forth a "deliciously irreverent yet ultimately Pollyanna-ish" (that's a mouth full!) view of life and culture. He takes inspiration from the performing styles of Sophie Tucker, Belle Barth, Totie Fields, Barbra Streisand, Sandra Bernhard and Bette Midler but, this show is no drag. Michael T, like these women before him, takes you on a roller coaster of emtions: singing, dancing, laughing, crying and generally wreaking havoc. So check your listings and watch out for this up-and-coming entertainer. As Michael T himself said when complimented on his abilities - "Thank you. That's sweet but...talent? All this show biz thing takes is balls. Those I got - they were on sale at Thrifty's."

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