Move On

I spent my last day in Stockholm in Old Town looking for the infamous place where ABBA had taken that fateful picture. I spent hours walking around asking people to take my picture in front of fountains, buildings and squares, knowing in my heart that none of these was the square that I wanted. I had one hour and one picture left and started to walk to the train station. As I was leaving Old Town I passed this woman with two children. As I had the one picture left I asked her if she could take it. She said, "Absolutely" and retraced her steps to get a bigger background. I smiled and left for the train station, disappointed but realizing that Old Town would always be in my heart, if not on my film.

I rode to Malmo to wait for the ferry to Copenhagen. One of the ABBAnatic places I saw was the State Theater (pictures above and below) which, at the time, was in between its engagements of Kristina Från Duvemala. I took some pictures of the theater anyway so I could live vicariously through at least one Kodak moment.

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