My Love, My Life

"Is it true you're going to Sweden to find ABBA?" That's what my boss asked me before I left for Sweden in search of ABBA. "No." I said. "I don't think they are lost; but I am going to Sweden in search of ABBA." The difference: I am not Glenn Close in FATAL ATTRACTION. I didn't have to "find" ABBA technically. It was enough for me to go to Stockholm and have my picture taken at the very place in Old Town that ABBA had their picture taken some twenty years ago. The picture above has travelled with me, hanging in apartments in four American cities, since it came folded in the book ABBA The Ultimate Pop Group by Marianne Lindvall, published in 1977. All I wanted of this trip was to have my picture taken in the exact same place so I could hang it next to my poster in San Francisco and know I had been there. And there is an ironic end to this story.

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