[ABBA in their silk karate pajamas]

As there are numerous other pages devoted to ABBA, I said to myself, "Michael T..." (I always call myself Michael T); I said, "...Michael T...what service can you perform for the thousands of ABBA fans out there that would set this page apart from the others?" And voilá, I came up with ABBAnatic, a conjugation if you will, of ABBA and fanatic. Included in ABBAnatic are:

[Kristina! in North America: An Interactive Adventure]

[In Search Of... ABBA Day 1996 and then some]

[ABBA Lyrics A - Y]

[Shhh! The Official ABBA Bootleg Page]

[Agnetha and Frida: The Post-ABBA Page]


[Ring Ring or Wrong Wrong: A Controversy]

[Muriel's Wedding]

[Mas ABBA Links]

[ABBA Today]

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